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Transfer with luxury vehicles (MiniVan) and experienced linguists drivers from Thessaloniki to Ski Resort Pisoderi

Pisoderi is an mountain village in the county of Florina. It has been built at the narrow passage of the road, which leads from the city of Florina to the lake Prespes, in 1450m altitude, on the so-called “neck” that devides mount Varnoutsa from Vitsi, and is 22 km away from Florina. Pisoderi was inhabited by the people who speak Vlach language, since the time of the Romain Empire. Only 1500 m from the village, there are ski center facilities (in Vigla), where snow quilt remains until the beggining of April, due to the freezing climate in the area. It is belived to be ski center with the easiest access in Greece.

Distance from Thessaloniki 230 km.

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