Mountain of Kaimaktsalan

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Transfer with luxury vehicles (MiniVan) and experienced linguists drivers from Thessaloniki to Mountain of Kaimaktsalan.

About 125 km from Thessaloniki, one can find a traditional macedonian architecture, an amazing view towards lake Vegoritida and off course, a skiing center of Kaimaktsalan – Palaios Agios Athanasios (The Old Saint Athanasios village). The village has a reputation of being the most poular mountain destination in Western Macedonia, and one of the most important in Greece in general.

In the mid 80’s inhabitants left the village and created the New Agios Athanasios (Neo Agio Athanasio), just few kilometres below in the plain. In the beggining of the 90’s, the making of the ski center , put Agios Athanasios on the top of the list of winter tour destinations. The road reopened, stone -build houses with its ceramide roofs were reconstructed, an amazing guest-houses were created. Luxurios hotels, taverns, restaurants, coffee-bars etc. All those changes were done with absolute respect and harmony with local architecture , because of the fact the village is declared to be strickly traditional.

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