Halkidiki peninsula

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“There is no place like Halkidiki” , people from northern Greece would say. And they are not wrong.Be ready to take a bow to the charm of its three slender “legs”: first one Kassandra, second Sithonia, and last leg, but not the  least : Athos. The first two do not discriminate. The third one, however, is forbbiden for the women, because it hosts the renowned monastic community of Agion Oros (The Holy Mountain). What does it mean, having a vacation in Halkidiki;?  It means : emerald blue beaches, dense pine forests, hotels that we dream about, small settlements by the sea with taverns and caffes, beach bars in the coves, archeological sites with long history, traditional villages in Sithonia , and cave of Petralona. One small “wonderland”, that’s what Halkidiki is.

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